End of the Mind

You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy.



Walking down the Drive, my hand in hers.

Cold grocery bags banging against my creaky knees.

Headed home to drink wine, Saturday night.

"Adam and Eve not Thelma and Louise!"

An old man on a bicycle, wearing

reflective gear and a helmet.

"Fuck you. I hope you get hit by a car, homophobic prick,"

Only I didn’t say it.

Instead I looked at the store windows to my left.

As the bags kept banging,

and my feet kept walking.



So jealous of everyone I see just roaming the mall at 1pm. Like what is your job? What is your secret?

Why People Get Depressed At Christmas


Dear all the precious beings who get depressed at Christmas (because you don’t know how to buy into commercialism and can’t handle the pressure to live up to a societal idea of family perfection), you are not a lone!

Let’s help remind each other that it’s okay to feel weird at this time of…

All I ever really want to know is how other people are making it through life—where do they put their body, hour by hour, and how do they cope inside of it.

Miranda July  (via corpses-symphony)

She was all I could think about when I woke up this morning. 

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Dad on the VMAs


"It’s a white man with a black man’s voice."

"Is he lip-syncing? Or… N’Syncing…?"

"GAGA isn’t wearing any clothes! What an idiot!"

"Who’s the dummy there?" -Re: Jaden Smith

"Why are her eyes half-closed? She looks a bit dopey" - Re: Rihanna

"English gay boys!" - Re: One Direction

"oOOO Katy Perry, what a good night! Not."

"Nope, no good" - Re: Miley Cyrus’ song

"These little kids told me that One Direction was the best band."

"If you close your eyes, he’s black" - Re: Macklemore

"It’s good to see songs"

"This is a nice song" - Re: Drake

"She doesn’t look too happy or interested because she knows what kind of bastard he is. That’s how it is." - Dad, re: Rihanna and Drake


Dad relaying headlines from the Dutch online newspaper

Samsung doesn’t see the difference between tablets and smartphones. It’s called the Galaxy Omega S4. This all the news about digital. That has nothing to do with the head page! 

Holland. Cold froggy land they call it. Cold kikker land. Okay I’m right with my emails. Pain in the arse.

An auto is carrying a sex date. A sex date in a hotel is by two men finish in a bizarre way when one of the guys want to leave in the car his naked date jumped on the car. The driver would have stolen the wallet of the man in his naked outfit. AH IT WAS A GUY. Oh video let’s play it. I see nothing. What are you doing? Oh there’s a guy hanging on the car on the side. Look! 

The anti-Thatcher song. What the hell? What a nonsense. 

Where did Justin Bieber sleeping. Where did he sleep. He was for a little moment in the country and a search for the Canadian occurred. Where was he? Where was he sleeping? And.. perhaps… with who? Look at all the kids. It was the same as everywhere else. Looking for Bieber. 

Harry Potter star Emma Watson shows in the movie the bling shows her NAUGHTY SIDE. She’s doing a pole dance. A stripper dance on the pole. You know, they hang on the pole and they go around. Get away you guys. There’s the girl. Emma Wat-sawn. 

Dennis Rodman, back to North Korea. What a nonsense. This is Dutch ET. 

Tom Cruise has a new lovey. I’m going to read it here. Olga. And with the film Oblivion, they make a lot of money. They made $61-million, that movie, in a week. At the number 1 spot. She’s a Hollywood reporter. Here she is.